Basic free membership does NOT include this feature- only subscription members can use this service.

Subscription CCPatient.com members living in the UK will be given or posted a CCP Membership Card that enables the patient to obtain a temporary unlock password that can be used to provide access to their full online record.

Your CCP Membership card also features a QRx code which may be used to access your QRx public record- accessible by anyone that has been given permission and Public Pass Code. 

How does it work?

To use unlock you must register your mobile phone on your ccpatient settings page.  SMS the word "unlock" to the phone number shown on your Membership Card and we will arrange to unlock your record and send back an unlock code to your mobile phone.

This will be valid for 24 hours UNLESS you specify longer.

If you require longer then specify how many days after the word "Unlock"

For example "Unlock 3 days" and we will unlock the record for 3 days.

The unlock service is not currently 24/7 - and can take up to 2 working days to arrange so please make sure that the unlock will cover any appointments that you have where access may be required.

Our intention is to offer immediate unlock once sufficient members are using the system.