QRx is a communication system based on a patient-held Card, sponsored by any participating Medical Centre- see sample below right.

Once Data sharing consent has been obtained from a patient, medical staff can upload relevant parts of their records to their ccpatient.box account which operates under a license from ccpatient.com.

Once set up the patient will be able to access their Medication list, Open Notes and Shared Green Directory for results and letters.

QRx membership also facilitates 24/7 access to key patient data whenever required by their Medical Centre Physician(s) using computers or smart phones. This may be mandatory requirment before telephone/Skype or E-Consultations can be arranged at your medical centre.

A full audit trial details exactly who viewed pages and when. For results and letters uploaded to their own record, the patient decides who can view medical results or letters.

QRx membership has other benefits for the patient, since it permits medical staff looking after them to use an Electronic referral system (QeR) where selected information about you can be shared with other medical centres for the purpose of a referrals for tests or for obtaining advice about your case from specialists based in other medical centres.

Once joined, QRX Patients will usually be offered a membership Card (QRx ID) featuring a Quick Response (QR) bar code (example shown on top right) that can be scanned with smart phone QR scanner software- connecting the user to the patients unique QRx Record held on ccpatient.box.com.   This record contains details of the current prescription medication. For most patients this can be unlocked for 'read only' access using the patient's Public Passcode which the patient can give to anyone he/she chooses, and which is generally recorded in their casenotes.

QRx Card Members benefit from the scheme without having to use the internet - since their joining medical centre will function as the Data controller to updates their QRx Card.

Registered QRx members have a basic free of charge membership account but can elect to upgrade to  a 'subscription' membership which  allows patients to access and build their own record as well as have medical letters and results sent securely by any medical team wherever they go.

Important Notice

Because of Data sharing and privacy laws, QRx membership cannot be offered to patients under 18 yrs of age.

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