QUICK ELECTRONIC REFERRALS (QeR) is our electronic referral system that allows healthcare professionals to request tests and make interactive referrals and obtain advice from specialists and services in other medical centres/hospitals.

For practices and departments offering QRx to its patients, QeR can also be used to track progress of their patient referrals and for the referring team to have results returned electronically.

QeR also makes it simple for healthcare professionals to get expert advice from specialist colleagues in their network with or without a formal referral.

  • The specialist service must have 'green pages' displayed on ccpatient.com where their QeR Healthmail addresses can be easily found by other registered Healthcare professionals.

Once results or clinic appointment letters are generated by the specialist centre these can be added to the referral thread.

To view an example of QeR in action see our blog
For more information about QeR please contact us