System Q utilises Quick Response (QR) barcoding to provide faster access to critical health information such as your medication which healthcare teams will need to know, wherever you may be.

QRx membership is provided free of charge to patients who register via participating Medical Centres and Hospitals and is also included in our ccpatient Subscription membership schemes. It comprises the patient's QRx Card which displays a QR code and which requires a contract between a patient and their medical centre and/or For patients that upgrade, a QRx Subscription account provides their own record and Healthmail.

Once set up, staff at the medical centre (the Data Controller) are permitted to upload medical information onto a secure server on the internet operated by The patient held ID Card links to vital data such as their Medication list.

Quick Electronic Referrals (QeR) is our electronic referral system that allows healthcare professionals to request tests and make interactive referrals, where the progress of the referral can be tracked and results returned and distributed electronically. The process revolves around each patient having a QRx ID and data sharing agreement in place. 

It is anticipated that the use of QER will significantly improve speed of access to specialist opinions and distribution of results.

Unlock uses each patient's Mobile phone to activate and then receive an unlock code required to obtain temporary access their entire ccpatient record.  This service shoud be used prior to medical appointments and admissions to Medical centres.

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