Subscription Membership for Patients will shortly be offering a personal record system that an individual person can purchase and control themselves.

The benefits are:

  • HealthMail and and web page for health teams to upload letters and results into the patients own personal ccpatient record.
  • QRX Messenger - medical microblog communications within the healthcare record- used instead of email- secure, shared by the team and is part of the patient's contemporary medical record.
  • A Managed Health care record where letters, results, QRx (Medications) and all your medical correspondence are contained in one place that you can easily access by computer or smartphone
  • Unlock - our SMS text message protocol that patients can use to give healthcare professionals temporary access to their ccpatient record.
  • Access to medical services such as E-Consultation and  'Case review' where, for example a private specialist option can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of formal consultation by the patient providing access to their own casenotes and results.  

If you would like to be alerted by email once these services are available please register on our website or send us a message about joining using our contact portal.

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