Green Pages How?

Naming Convention and Search terms

Institutions and Departments

Each Green page address for Institutions or Departments is based on the first 3 letters or numbers of the Post code or Zip followed by 3-10 letter code descriptor.

  • For example Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic whose postcode as GU2 7RE can be found at - ccpatient/greenpage/GU2-SCVC
  • The Haste Academy whose postal address is GU2 7RE can be found at - ccpatient/greenpage/GU2-HASTE
  • and the NHS Pacing department at Royal Surrey County Hospital is at - ccpatient/greenpage/GU2-RSCHPACE

Individual HealthCare Professionals

An Individual subscriber can post their own Green Page where the address will be based on their QRx ID plus Professional ID or PIN

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