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E-Book Publications

Green Pages Publishers offer a range of publication services for Healthcare professionals that are keen to write about their area of expertise.

Where healthcare professionals have written handouts, books or chapters on their subjects the titles can be shown on their profile page on Green Pages and linked either to their CCPATIENT Cloud for downloading free of charge or alternatively to our e-books range at Green Pages Publications

Healthcare professionals whose books are published by Green Pages may include a substantial discount to provide their readers with expert telephone advice relating to the book or chapter subject.

This service is called BOOK BOOK Voucher Scheme. Click on our Book Book Icon below to find out more.


Why Book Book?

Many people are unsure about when to seek advice from their Doctor or Healthcare professional team. Increasingly they turn to the Internet for answers and become confused by the overwhelming amount of information on each subject.  Green Pages Publications provide their readers with an opportunity to find out more from experts they can trust and then if they like what they read people get a chance to contact and get advice 'direct from the horses mouth' often on a discounted basis.

Book Book Vouchers are ideally used where specific questions arise and phone advice session can be booked on line so that questions can be answered by an expert instead of going through a long winded referral process.

Please note that telephone advice can only be given in relation to specific topics covered in a book chapter and is not a substitute for formal medical consultation, but nevertheless may be useful in helping users decide whether a formal medical consultation is needed.

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