Book-Book Vouchers

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Book-Book Vouchers


Green Pages Readers Discount - Phone advice

Where our healthcare professionals have written handouts, books or chapters on their subjects listed on their green page they may provide 'Book Book Vouchers' for the benefit of their readers and patients.

Book Book Vouchers can be used for specific phone or Skype advice from the author providing a unique opportunity for our users to first get informed about an area by reading a section of a book or chapter and then secondly, if specific questions arise, book a phone advice session which may even be offered via the author's Green Page for a discounted fee.


  1. Find a suitable topic/ebook via Green Pages Publications or on-line book store (eg Amazon or Smashwords)
  2. Check reviews, contents and any Book book voucher offers
  3. If satisfied with the offering, purchase the book or chapter via one of the stores.
  4. Once you have read the relevant chapter, should you have unanswered questions and wish to take up the offer, apply for your Book-Book Voucher (see below)
  5. After we have emailed your voucher to you, follow the links to the author's booking page to book the Phone advice, entering the voucher details at time of payment to claim the discount. 


Please Note that Telephone advice can only be given in relation to specific topics and is no substitute for formal medical consultation but may be useful in helping users decide whether a formal medical consultation is needed.

How to Claim your Book-Book Voucher

Once you have purchased an ebook published by Green Pages that offers a Book Book Voucher, should you wish to take up the option for discounted phone advice that may be bundled with the book, please email the Book Title, Author and your proof of payment and purchase date to:

We will send a link and Voucher Code that can be used to book phone advice session with the Author.

Please note the following terms and conditions apply:

Discounts can only be applied within 3 months of the date of purchase of book/chapter
The details of the offer will be contained inside the book and can be viewed prior to purchase.
Any Phone advice offered using a voucher must be paid before hand 
Only one voucher will be provided for each book/Chapter purchased.