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In the time it takes you to work out how to shred this frog you can also search and find a healthcare provider on cc patient.com/Greenpages.

Search green pages and the page you want will be read in a few clicks.

How does green pages work?

Most medical centres and Hospital departments have their own different website, contact  and emails addresses.

It can take a patient or GP some time to locate the correct one and get in touch. Because email is not secure, patient communications are still very often by paper post, phone or fax- which are not efficient modes of communication.

Green Pages provides an alternative to fax and/or email.  Medical providers have easily searchable pages which contain phone numbers and links to their HealthMail pages- where upload widgets convey patient data via encrypted channel to the right people, and with confirmation messages. 

Who can have pages on ccpatient.com/green pages?

Health clinics, GP Surgery's, Hospitals and other healthcare providers, including medical charities and welfare groups should consider having one or more green page on our website. Each is given a provider ID based on post code or zip and first 5 letters of their title. Our green pages information service is free of charge for medical Charities and NHS providers, but small annual fees are payable by private providers. 

Once registered, a brief summary of their service is given (max 300 words) along with contact numbers, website address and links to optional subscription services such as QRx, QeR and HealthMail.

Subscription services require a service contract and fees apply.

How are green pages used by patients and healthcare professionals?

Public users can locate medical providers, review feedback and whether HealthMail, Instant Messaging or QeR services are offered. Users who need to get in touch can then log in to their chosen provider pages to access services.

Providers can set up healthcare professional-only HealthMail pages for national or regional use which are ideal portal for sending confidential letters, referrals and results direct to other medical centres.

If you are a Medical Charity, Medical Practice or Hospital group interested in posting information on our green pages or finding out more about HealthMail or Quick Electronic Referrals (QeR) please contact us.

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