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Quick Electronic referrals (QeR) are designed to take the place of a traditional GP referral letter and allows the referrer to keep track of what is happening- it's like tracking the delivery of a parcel. An example of our system is shown below:

HasteNinGS is an open access GP referral system run by Guildford local Charity Haste Academy for patients with suspected atrial fibrillation. HasteNinGS has a profile on ccpatient (see green pages) making it easy to refer to, using QeR or HealthMail.

Traditionally GPs write referral to the Hospital department or via a referral management system. These referrals are read by the Consultant and most often lead to an outpatient assessment. Communications between specialist and GP are cumbersome since they most often involve using Fax or letters.

HasteNinGS differs in that once GPs have faxed referrals  to our team, our specialist nurse triages each referral by telephoning the patient to get some baseline information, and then if appropriate, arranges an appointment for a more complete assessment and specialised test equipment to be fitted at an outreach clinic held within a local GP Surgery.

The patient and their results are discussed in a Consultant-lead Multipdisclipinary meeting and advice offered to the GP and patient. Where the pre-hospital assessment shows a need, the patient is offered a formal Consultant appointment in the most appropriate clinic at the Hospital. 

QeR is interactive and more efficient since the whole information transfer and communications process is simplified to just one string of microblogs between the team players, as shown below.

In the top three panels the GP referral is seen. The patient details have been blanked out.

The lower image is a screen shot of the microblog







Step 1: The patient joins QRx- which is a Data sharing agreement with his Medical Centre (GP) allowing exchange of information electronically.

Once the referral is shared with the Haste team (by adding their email address shown on Green pages), it is shared with the specialist team of Nurses and Cardiologists.

Microblog entries and tasks are used to push the referral along a pathway without any papers faxes or separate emails being sent. As each microblog is added all members are emailed an update.

Once the patient has had their test, it too is available at the end of the QeR thread along with a comment on what it shows. This thread takes the place of formal letters and faxes, is secure and very quick and simple to use.






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