Our Customers


ccpatient.com has been set up as a service for patients who are our main 'customer'.  We however acknowledge that many patients may not want to operate or pay a subscription for access to their own records, and the majority will not feel confident enough nor trust ccpatient.com to initiate their membership. For this reason we expect most of our membership to be introduced via participating medical centres and hospitals- where membership agreements will be available, along with patient information leaflets. 

HealthCare Professionals

For many healthcare professionals, working life is getting tougher. More regulation, audit, governance, admin and pressure. Green Pages is designed to help connect to their main audience without complicated (and costly) administration because a one page green page profile is all that is needed for a professioanl practice that collects feedback, display services, contact details and even online bookings.  

Medical Centres

Medical centres such as GP Surgery's, Private Medical Clinics and Hospital Departments are potential medical providers that may wish to use our System Q and ccpatient.com.  We have developed template business cases for medical institutions to implement QeR and QRx and have a scalable fee structure to allow single groups within a hospital to try it out.

Medical centres that are interested in joining the service should contact us for an information pack. 


Poor communications create medical risk but also have a major impact on delivery cost, since it affects length of stay in hospital, medical accidents and leads to duplication of investigations. Following the NHS Act there are a rapidly growing number of independent healthcare providers and any specification on future health tenders will undoubtedly need to address how information passes in a secure way between these different providers.

CCG Commissioning groups that are interested in finding out about how ccpatient.com and System Q can help provide what is needed should contact us for an information pack. 

Medical Device Industry

Because patients can be equipped with a patient specific card that links to an on line record, the system can be initiated at time of an implant such as a Pacemaker, Heart Valve or joint prosthesis in order to track outcomes and facilitate care between multiple healthcare institutions that may be involved in futuer care.