Frequently asked questions and issues

Q  Do I need to Register on or to use my QRX?

A   Neither are needed to access your record!

Patient users will be joined to QRX by their medical centre and should be given all of their basic access details by their medical centre in order to view their medication list and green folder of their medical record.

You will only need to Register at  to access certain Healthmail pages in the future.

Only those patients that wish to use QRX Messenger or subscribe to Silver and Gold membership scheme will need to Register for a personal account at

If despite this, you cannot login please email the Administration or Data Controller of your medical centre or contact us by email at

Q I have registered at but cannot login

A Look in your spam and delete folders

After completing registration page and clicking "register" you should see a confirmation page, after which you will be sent a confirmation email.  

You will not be able to login to our website until you have confirmed using the link contained in this email.

Some email systems will view the confirmation email as spam or even place it in your email 'bin' so if the confirmation email is not in your usual inbox, please check your spam and Bin and then retrieve it (usually by clicking 'not spam' so that you can then activate your account. In may cases further emails from the haste website will then not be viewed as spam.

If despite this, you cannot login please email us at

Q I have lost my validation email

A Send another request from the login screen, if not received, check your spam folder!