Patient centred records

Even in a country where healthcare is delivered by a single umbrella organisation such as the NHS, local privacy laws mean that for the practicing physician information about your patient is, all too often, and most annoyingly, not available when you most need it. The solution, of course, has been staring at us in the face all this time - patients should hold the key to their own health record and decide who can see it and when.
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What's green but goes red on a right click

If you can figure out how to turn the frog in the liquidiser red (but please pardon the language) you clearly have the 'mouse skills' to use Green pages- our healthcare finder which launches soon. It is a great way to find and communicate with your healthcare provider.
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QeR Demonstration

In this real case- a GP referral was triaged by the arrhythmia team and results fed back to GP who responded to suggestions for the patient and avoided delays as well as risk.
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